“The men are very cooperative. Their prices are reasonable, and their work is exceptional.”

– Alan Miller

“You would never guess that their work is so affordable, especially when it looks so amazing.”

– Susan Snider

“It’s one of those ‘homey’ places. You walk in, and you can feel that the business is run closely within the family – one of the things that makes a good business, and keeps it going.”

– Jeff Edwards

“I had my store display shattered by vandels, and due to very expensive merchandise that i carry i needed an emergency service done asap. I called alot of different glass companies and no one could accomidate me that day due to the scale of the job. I found Bravura glass online gave them a call, the peson who helped me was Bobby. He was very understanding of my situation and send his men up for an estimate. They took the measurements, called their warehouse and told me the job could be done today. of course i agreed. My storefront still looks beautiful today, Thanks Bravura”

– James T. Graham

“I live in a studio in Manhattan, my apartment is very small even by New York standards. I wanted to make it look bigger. My friend has a similar place that i do but due to the glass walls it looks twice its original size. I asked my friend who installed the glass, he recommended Bravura. I called them up, setup an appointment, and expected to be overcharged because I’m a Manhattan resident, Oh how wrong i was. The contractor was very nice and courteous, he surveyed my apartment, gave couple of recommendation, and the price i was quoted actually shocked me. I expected much much more. I took the offer and now when my friend comes over to my apartment is he very jealous of the way it looks.”

– Ronald Johnson