Fixing a window is often cheaper than buying a replacement, let bravura fix it so it last longer and works better than the original.

Of course, when your windows are beyond repair we can replace them for you. That’s why we have an extensive factory, ready inventory, and an attentive staff to answer all your questions.

We work with homeowners, landlords, hospitals, schools and businesses in the Tri state area. Call us today for a Free Evaluation

All Types of Glass Repair

Bravura can repair all types of glass for windows and doors.

  • We will cut any shape glass.
  • Colonial Box Grids — in between glass panes, in white or bronze.
  • Insulated Glass – Two pieces of glass, sealed in our factory, guaranteed against condensation.
  • Plexi Glass – Plastic material cut to size. Available in clear.
  • Clear Annealed – All sizes available: 1/4″, 1/8″, 3/32″
  • Tempered Safety Glass – On impact, glass will shatter into small, dull pieces & not into dangerous shards.
  • Sand Blasted Glass
  • All Types Of Glass Patterns
  • Etched Glass
  • Reflective Glass
  • Single Glass and Restoration Glass
  • Storefront Glass

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