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205 North 9th Street Project

The developers, known as Rabsky Group selected us to execute a project at 205 North 9th Street in Williamsburg. Williamsburg, located in Brooklyn NY, is considered an up-and-coming community populated by artists and others with refined taste. The North 9th development is a high ceiling edifice that captures lots of natural light. Installing mirrors at such a site magnifies the interior’s brightness.

We implemented Durukan Design’s plan at the location. Installation of a single sheet of wall ¼’’ mirror was requested. An on-site notch cut-out was also specified. Such notching within mirrors typically involves machine-done drilling and cutting, however, this job required an unconventional solution.

The unconventional notch, as well as its substantial size, led us to remove the requested cut-out notch by hand. The use of standard machinery for this job wasn’t a suitable option because the cutout had to separate from the glass without damaging the full sheet or the edges of the cutout. Our successful handwork protected the 1/4″ Starphire®Mirror from damage. Our cutout job was flawless. The wall mirror was free of imperfections. Even though the job was complex, we met our deadline and the mirror was delivered on the specified delivery date.

We executed the designer’s request and installed the project without a hitch. The client was clearly impressed and vows to recommend us to others. Read the following testimonial to see for yourself.

“Bravura Glass and mirror did an excellent job installing a wall mirror with a huge notch cut-out. They were one of the only companies able to provide the over-sized mirror I needed, in one piece. Not only did they do a great job, but they were able to come to my development in Williamsburg very promptly and punctually. This is a neighborhood that is just being developed, I will be sure to recommend Bravura Glass and Mirror to anybody who will need glazing work done.”

Bravura Glass takes pride in finishing jobs on time as well as achieving the objectives of developers, designers and clients. Contact us for a quote today.