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Your Shower Type

Your Shower Type

When you are selecting the perfect shower for your new home, a remodeled home, or a client’s home; you need a good fit, a beautiful design, and a shower that will stand out yet blend well into the space. With so many options out there and so many various designs, we at Bravura Glass & Mirror Corp.  want to simply your life just a little by giving simple, concise explanations of some of the most popular and best standing shower designs out there. Take these few descriptions and see how they can fit into your bathroom space.

The neo Angle shower is a stand up shower space that consists of 3 or more sides to it. There are typically two glass panels that stand at a 135 degree angles with a center panel that is the door. The design can include more sides and more panels to complete the enclosure but that varies with everyone’s personal use of space and what the architecture allows.


Right angle showers only consist of two panels that connect at a 90 degree angle with one panel being the door or splash guard. It does not matter which side the connecting panel is on; that varies with space and personal preference. The side panel can usually be custom cut to adjust to an adjoining tub or cabinet.


Straight In-line showers may be the most standard you see where a stand up shower space is built within an alcove. In this case, all that is required is a straight panel of glass for the door, also a straight adjoining stationary panel that connects to the door can be installed. All glass panels can be custom cut to fit an alcove space and can include an adjustable glass vent.


The sliding door is typical for smaller spaces in apartments or homes that do not have a separate tub and shower room.  Two or three glass sliding doors are placed on rails around the tub to give access to the tub. Sliding doors are also an alternative to standard pull to open glass shower doors.