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The art of antiquing

As with everything else in life, glass follows trends and in this market, one trend that has been popping up more and more is the antique mirror. This style mirror is the most popular amongst the nightclub and restaurant business. The look of the mirror is exactly what you would expect; antique and “old” looking. The mirrors are purposefully made to appear this way to add a little something unique to the space. The reflection becomes distorted taking away the perfect image we are all used to and instead giving us an image that is like looking into the past while standing in the present. Scientifically explained, this was achieved by experimenting with oxidation. Three main ways to create the antique effect is by adding chemicals to the silver as it deposits on the glass, stripping the paint and partially removing the silver from an existing mirror, or applying silver or aluminum leaf to glass.

Here at Bravura, we carry, deliver, and install any type of antique glass you can want for your business or even a home design. We wanted to share a preview of some of the pieces available to order from us so you can put your interior design skills to work right away!

Pink Antique

Pink Antique


Venetian Antique

Light Cloudy

Light Cloudy Antique

Heavy Cloudy

Heavy Cloud Antique

Heavy antique

Heavy Antique

Gold Vein

Gold Vein Antique

Gold Dot

Gold Dot Antique

Gold Antique

Gold Antique

Blue antique

Blue Antique

Light antique

Light Antique


We also wanted to share some beautiful examples of how antique mirrors can work for a home and business. One example is from the home of L.A. based designer Hillary Hayne who refaced her kitchen cabinets with light cloudy antique mirrors.

Hillary Hayne

An Orlando clothing boutique called Zou Zou Boutique wanted a very chic, vintage look so Fauxology, an interior design company created a customized pink antique mirror to place behind their register.

ZouZouBoutique2 ZouZouBoutique