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Glass Type- All your definitions

Bravura specializes in so many custom glass and mirror creations. We cater to interior designers, we custom design whatever a client may want for their home or business, and we repair all types of windows. So many companies expect you to know exactly what you want but here at Bravura we want you to feel like family, and that means being there for any questions or advice you may have or need. We wanted to share some information on glass in general so you are always in the know when it comes to your repairs or orders. We will be continuing the list of all the different glass we offer…stay tuned.

Call us for free evaluations whenever you need them and don’t forget that we are available 24/7 for emergency repair.

Colonial Glass Grids are an option where smaller pieces of glass are divided by a thin panel. Typically glass is divided often times in four sections or sometimes two. These give the window a bit of an appeal and provide for easy cleaning.


Insulated Glass is two or more plies of glass that are sealed with air space in between the plies. When air is trapped between the two pieces, the glass acts like an insulator to reduce the rate at which cold or hot air can travel into a space.


Plexi-glass is sometimes also referred to as acrylic sheets. These are used as an alternative to glass sheeting because they offer the same transparency but are more durable and almost shatter proof. Plexi-glass can be used for window panes, shelving, table tops, storage, along with many other uses.


Sandblasted Glass is a process that creates a frosted glass look. This is done with a high power machine that transforms the glass panel with sand, walnut husks, or other materials. This type of glass is used for privacy reasons or for aesthetic reasons. Often times, shower doors will be sandblasted to give visual privacy while still allowing light to flow through. The same concept applies towards office or meeting rooms and closets. Decorative patterns can also be imposed on sandblasted glass.


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