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Universal Service

While servicing all projects around the tri-state area both residential and small businesses, we also want to highlight and mention that Bravura Glass is universal and has the ability to create glass and mirrored masterpieces for any occasion. We are built on the foundation of creating amazing relationships with everyone and anyone we meet; from interior designers and artists, to development managers and CEO’s. We make everyone a part of the Bravura family.

We never limit our ability and never turn down an amazing opportunity to work with our clients. We have helped create a beautiful wedding ceremony in the Hamptons, worked with interior designers to decorate a building lobby, renovated a nursing home, installed and repaired storefront glass, and provided shower doors and glass to buildings. These are only a few of our major feats along with the dozens and dozens of families we have worked with to create one of a kind residential pieces from closet doors and cabinets, to kitchen table tops and steam rooms.

We are always looking to challenge our company’s talents and work with creative minds and visionaries. Contact us at for any and all inquiries including free quotes.