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Glass Type- Part 2

So we covered some of the glass we have the ability and expertise to work with and repair; now we want to introduce you, in detail, to the aesthetic properties of glass and what we offer to our clients. Glass is a beautiful thing that gives any space a seamless and flawless finish. It allows light to filter through in various different ways that can be customized and created to match an already existing space. It is also extremely versatile and durable. You may want something etched onto your piece of glass so it stands out and matches your personality or displays your business logo. You may also want something that is called reflective glass or a glass pattern. All these various designs are available through Bravura and all of them are flawless.

Etched Glass is a piece of glass that will display a pattern, art work, a logo, or an unlimited number of other designs. It is a personal or business preference. The process is simple and requires abrasive substances that will create the personal design on your piece of glass.

1-Etched       Etched (2)

Reflective glass is exactly what it sounds like; it is made to look like a mirror but serves a much greater purpose. The glass is coated with a metallic substance, which actually allows it to reflect heat. This type of glass reflects radiation rather than absorbing it thus reducing heat gain and loss in building structures, offices, or storefronts. This is the best option for environmentally friendly or “green” buildings. Tinted glass is an option for reflective glass; this is a more aesthetic option because it is more metallic and gives the effect of a two-way mirror. The coating on this glass also reduces glare, which is beneficial in office environments.


Glass Patterns are yet another option for the artistic side in all of us. With this option, the glass is no longer a smooth surface but made into a pattern; this is the most popular option for privacy reasons. Textured glass allows the maximum amount of light to pass through while obstructing a view. Many textured glass pieces can be found in bathrooms, offices, or conference rooms. Some textured patterns are: clear wire, rain patterns, floral patterns, swirl patterns, plus many more.

Patterned Door


Anything you have in mind for your next glass project or renovation, let us know and we will work with you to create the best glass pieces. Call us for a free estimate (718) 951-3610 or email at

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