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Mirrored Walls

We service many various clients and have a broad range of jobs and projects that we take on but one particular type of job we enjoy is mirror installation. Mirrors are essential to any room, home, studio, or office. They add definition to the space, light, and can make any room appear a little larger. Mirrors are also essential to places like gyms, dance studios, karate schools, and even for aesthetic reasons. There are mirrors of every shape, size, and color (such as our antique glass mirrors). We wanted to highlight some of our custom work to give you an idea of the lengths we go through to create the perfect piece.

One location we were chosen to work on was at 1209 Dekalb Ave. in a building lobby for Colony 1209. For this particular project we were required to create and install ¼” custom antique mirrors shaped as 60″ circles. They were installed by suspension onto the ceiling of the lobby in this high-rise building. This was an intricate job and one that really brightened and expanded the look of the lobby.


Here are also two home custom projects that we were asked to create to add definition to the entire space. One piece was a partial mirrored sectioned wall that was made with ¼” thick mirrors and triple bevel strips on the sides and tops; this gives a 3-dimensional illusion. Another project was of a similar design but involved a wall-to-wall design and also needed triple bevel strips that were spread further apart.

Home mirror   Home mirror2

Studios and gyms often require reflections all around that take up much of the wall space. Here are some examples was simple laser cut 90 degree angled mirrors that were installed in a gym and ballet studio.

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There is no wall that is too big or too small for a mirror installation and nothing is ever out of reach; whether on the ceiling, floor, or any nook and cranny you need. Contact Bravura for free estimates whenever you need a little reflection.

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