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Restoration Glass

Here at Bravura, we provide glass of all types, size, styles, colors, shapes, and width and we just wanted to share yet another detailed description of one type of glass that we are particularly fond of. Restoration glass is the name and it’s uses can expand to windows, custom cabinets, doors, or maybe a decorative table top.

This type of glass is a mouth blown glass that creates a wavy pattern or air bubble characteristic almost giving the glass an antique feel. This is the type of glass you want when working on a home or business project that reflects a historical period and has an “old-school” vibe like something from the 19th century or 20th century. It is an amazing option that enhances any space. Below are some sample glass pieces that show off restoration glass in all it’s glory.

-63755-6054289                     wavy_restoration_glass



(Photos via Archi Expo)