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Glass Railings

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Our specialty revolves around glass of all sorts but one of our favorites happens to be something that works in large spaces, small spaces, offices, homes, lobbies, hallways, and anywhere else you can imagine. The glass railing is a sophisticated piece that adds modernism no matter what theme you have going on. Glass allows light to pass through so your space instantly appears more roomy and brighter. The use of a glass railing works to every advantage because it becomes one with the room automatically matching to everything else. The glass railing can be used on a staircase, on a balcony, or a walkway.

The glass railing we currently installed and complete can be found in The Driggs Williamsburg at 205 North 9th street, Brooklyn, NY 11211. It is made on a walkway that leads the way from the lobby and front desk into the lobby lounge. The lobby lounge was created with an antique Hollywood theme in mind featuring an antique telephone and a photographers floor light. The ½” thick clear tempered glass railing in this space adds a touch of modern elegance to the space and is supported with C.R. Laurence hardware.




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