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Custom Mirrored Centerpieces

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Customization is the key to any successful space. You want your building, lobby, home, office, or any location to stand out amongst the rest and you never want it to be compared because of similarities in design. Our Bravura team takes the time to focus on the finest details of any project and make them purely one of a kind. We work closely with architects and interior designers and go over sketches and ideas to create a glass piece that is unique in its own right while blending into the theme of a space effortlessly. Two pieces that took time and dedication to put together can be found in two different Williamsburg, Brooklyn locations.

One decorative wall piece can be found in the lobby of 146 South 4th Street. This piece is the centerpiece as you walk into the building. This entire project was created by making many large and small black tinted mirrors, all square or rectangular shaped.  They were hung in a way where each mirror displays a different reflection. They are asymmetrical and unleveled as part of the design required. The mirrors hang on a large wall that introduces the stair case leading to the gym.

A second mirrored wall that is positioned behind the front desk in the lobby can be found at The Driggs Williamsburg at 205 North 9th Street. This lobby centerpiece features a slew of eight sided mirrored that are framed by geometric moldings. This entire design takes over the front lobby wall making it an accent to the space and adding light and space. Below are detailed photos of both projects and more can be found on our Facebook and Twitter page!

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