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Glass Front Desk

When you walk into a building lobby, the first thing you may notice is the foyer, the second thing and the piece that will leave an impression is the front desk. For many of the residential buildings that Bravura has had the pleasure of working on; they include front desks that introduce patrons and residents to the location. Today we feature two desks that Bravura helped put together and install that perfectly fit into the design of the lobbies while at the same time stand on their own almost like glass works of art.

The first glass table stands in the lobby in a north Williamsburg building. This is a large lobby space with ample seating in the lounge area. The interior is modern with crisp lines and white and velvet lounge chairs. The front desk that introduces guests and residents matches the entirety of the space perfectly. It is a long glass table with black glass in a high gloss finish with matching back glass top and sides.

3-IMG_5608 copy


The second table is found in the lobby of 146 South 4th Street. Here the front desk consists of frosted glass with asymmetrical frosted glass panels and the same top. The desk is illuminated from the bottom by a track of lights. This particular front desk stands on its own in this lobby making it the centerpiece as you make your way in. It stands just inches away from the elevator hallways and 2 steps away from the impressive lobby lounge.

4-IMG_5644 copy