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Exterior- 220 N. 10th St.

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The glass on the outside needs to always reflect the style on the inside; it needs to give an alluring introduction from first glance because realistically, we are always judging the book by its cover. At Bravura, it is our mission to create and install glass pieces that reflect the interior, the neighborhood, and something that will always be pleasing to look at as you pass by. We are focusing on the exterior of one particular Williamsburg, Brooklyn residential building at 220 North 10th Street. Inside this residential lobby you will find rustic and modern elements combined into one to make one very unique lobby lounge and that is why the exterior needed to be classic, modern, and give a taste of what you are walking into. We cut and installed the entrance doors, side glass panels, and the awning. We also created the rectangular frosted glass on the exterior approaching the entrance. Everything about these pieces gives the building a story and ties it all together. View more detailed photos below…


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