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Accent Glass

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The accent piece in your home, business, or lobby of your building is the standout that ties everything together. An accent glass piece can be found in the mail box room, it can be a light fixture, or have any number of unique and creative uses. Our team at Bravura does not only focus on the big jobs like mirrors and glass doors; we also create accent pieces that complete a space and stand out. Some of our best and most impressive work can be found today in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. You will recognize some of the buildings and lobby lounges and now you’ll also notice some of the little ignored details that we put some much thought and effort into creating.

At 146 South 4th Street, in the lobby lounge you will also find a space for mail boxes. This little hallway is decorated and lines with custom mirrors in an almost modern day, industrial colonial grid design. These mirrors are part of the wall right about the mailboxes and are highlighted by industrial light fixtures (not ours). The downstairs gym in this same building features a public restroom that is accessed through a walkway framed with glass enclosed light fixtures that we did happen to custom design and install. It is a fluorescent bulb that frames the ceiling and walls to illuminate the space without harsh lighting.

At 225 North 9th Street is a smaller condo building that features a unique address bar inside the lobby. Framing the mailroom, there is an engraved glass panel. This was unique to only this building since it was a smaller lobby area that some of the others in the area. This is the accent piece and the focal point of the lobby.


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