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Accent Mirrors Part 2

Accent mirror pt.2 copy2

As we mentioned in a previous blog, accent mirrors are widely used and highly requested. They just provide a certain touch to the space that no other piece can mimic. Another location where we installed custom mirrored pieces is also in Williamsburg, Brooklyn at The Driggs at 205 North 9th Street. One set of mirrors can be found in the lobby lounge that serves as the main entertainment center for tenants and their guests. This space is rustic and modern with an old wood cabin vibe. The mirrors hang on the far side wall to reflect more light from the large windows and to add depth to the already spacious room.

Another room where you will find accent mirrors throughout is the theater room. This is a room filled with plush couches and duvets along with a pull down projection screen for guests to enjoy communal movie nights or throw parties. The mirrors hang all around this smaller room making it appear larger and also adding more depth.

The two rooms were designed by the architect to allow Bravura to come in and customize the glass and mirrors all around the space. It was a pleasure putting on all the finishing touches to really tie everything together. If you need an estimate to create added depth to your own personal space, do not hesitate to call us for more information and a FREE estimate. We also provide full service which includes taking measurements, clean-up, and installation; along with repair and maintenance.

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Accent mirror pt. 2 copy2

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