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The Garnett Shower

Another week, another shower profile from one of our beautiful properties in Williamsburg, Brooklyn NY. This one is coming to us from 146 South 4th Street in a building named The Garnett. This building features very unique elements from the second you walk in and proceeding to each unit; the sample shower we show you today is a photo courtesy of Fiddler Realty.

Bravura Glass was asked to create custom glass pieces throughout starting with the lobby entrance, working our way into the lounge, the front desk, all the accent mirrors that hang in the hallways, and then the mirrors downstairs in the gym. You can also find Bravura’s work in the custom glass lighting downstairs and bathroom mirrors. One area that was done specifically for the use of each tenant was the bathroom inside each unit. The bathrooms are made with two variations of a shower; today we are highlighting the open space tub with a frosted glass splash guard.

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