Sneak Peek of the Glossary- H


This is all about the heating process of your glass. Have all the information at your fingertips especially when we can’t seem to avoid the snow and ice this season!


Hydrofluoric Acid- corrosive solution of the liquid hydrogen fluoride in water. This solution can dissolve glass.


Type of Glass

Heat Resistant Glass- this glass resists thermal shock. It is commonly found in kitchens and industrial appliances.

Heat- Absorbing Glass- this type of glass is used to reduce the amount of heat that is transmitted. It absorbs radiation of the heat but then dissipates the heat into the air around the actual glass.

Heat Strengthened Glass- glass is heated to approximately 1,200 degrees F and it is then force cooled. This type of glass endures a slower cooling process making it twice as strong as annealed or untreated glass.

Heat Treated Glass- same term can be applied when discussing heat strengthened glass.

Heat Shaded Glass- this type of glass shades from one color to another.

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