Glass Glossary- B


Glass Process

Bevel– decorative form that is made around the glass edge. Forms a sloping surface or edge.

Beveling– The process of producing the beveled/sloped edge.

Bending– a heating process to produce bent glass.

Bent Glass– glass that is curved for decorative purposed (often used in unique architecture)

Blobbing– decorating hot glass with different colors.

Blowpipe– tool used for blowing glass that includes a hollow steel rod with a mouth piece on one end.

Bow– distortion on glass.

Blister– air bubble that occurs in glass during blowing.



Type of Glass

Bulletproof Glass– a type of glass that is transparent and resistant when being penetrated or struck by bullets. It is made of armor glass that is more than 60mm thick.

Bird-Friendly Glass– A type of glass that is being manufactured in order to prevent bird killings across the country. The goal is for birds to be able to recognize the glass surface without mistaking it for their current surroundings.

Bathroom mirror– your ordinary mirror that hangs over your bathroom sink or vanity for personal use.

Blast-resistant glass- type of glass that can resist pressure from an explosion.

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