Glass Glossary- C



Carving– using hand held tools to remove glass from a surface to create a decorative or distinct pattern.

Coating– a specific type of covering that the changes the composition of a piece of glass.

Cavity– space that is filled with air caused by a spacer between two panes of glass.

Cutting– the process that trims glass for decorative or constructive purposes.

Caulk– waterproof sealer and filler for building and glass work and repair.

Cullet– broken or waste glass.

Clearance– distance measured for installation or anchorage of large glass pieces.

Custom etched glass– design etched into glass for a custom look.

Commercial Glass Hardware– pieces that are fitted to glass to hold them up or anchor them. This usually requires drilling through the glass.

Check– a small crack on the surface of glass.

Chunked– a glass piece that was heavily damaged.

Cord– imperfections in glass that show up as streaks, stones, or haziness.

Cut-to-clear– cutting process by taking off layers until desires effect is achieved in the glass.


Type of Glass

Clear glass– very clear and transparent type of glass that is created from soda, lime, and silica.

*Commercial Storefront- Large pieces of glass that are installed on commercial spaces such as stores, restaurants, offices, or buildings to allow for public displays for passerby’s.

Custom glass– any piece of glass that is fitted or cut for unique applications. Used for commercial or residential projects.

Custom cut glass– glass pieces that are cut for decorative purposed or to fit into unconventional spaces.

Channel glass– U Shaped glass ranging in widths from 9”-19” and lengths to 23” feet. It is ideal for minimal framing elements.

Chemically strengthened glass– standard glass that is strengthened by chemical ion-exchange. This process makes the glass 6 to 8 times stronger than standard annealed glass.


CPSC– also known as Consumer Product Safety Commission for Architectural Glazing Materials. This oversees safety glazing in hazardous locations and regulates all certifications.


(*Store Front Glass at Little Choc Apothecary in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY By Bravura. Photo Cred Little Choc)

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