Glass Glossary Terms- D


Diamond Tool– cutting tool that contains grains of diamonds fixed on the parts of the tool. This is one of the most effective tools because of the sturdy compound of diamonds.

Diamond Wheels– grinding wheel for hard materials. This tool uses diamond dust as the abrasive and is good for milling, sawing, drilling, edging, and polishing.

Double Overlay– glass coating, twice.

Dry Glazing– way to install glass using extruded gaskets without the use of any other compound. There are no sealants or putties used in this type of glazing.


Type of Glass

Decorative mirror– customized or standard mirror that is strictly used for aesthetic purposes in a home or business.

Display showcase– tempered glass used for display purposes. Shelves, inside cabinets, or for decorative pieces.

Decorative glass– glass that is used for aesthetic purposes and often includes custom designs on it. Silk screened, patterned, painted, antique, cut outs, along with many other custom options.

Double Strength Glass– glass with a thickness of 0.118 to 0.133 inch

Depression glass– machine- pressed glass.


General Information

Deflection– when glass is physically displaced from its original position.

Design Load– as a general term this is the maximum amount a system is designed to handle. For example: interior pressure loads, dead loads, thermal loads, wind loads, impact loads, live loads, plus many others.

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