Extreme Glass

Protective glazing technology is something we should be in complete awe of…and we are. Glass Magazine illustrates, in its latest article how protective glazing is actually being used on glass in extreme designs all over the world. It is all about being extra large, extra clear, and using as little framing as possible.

You see one example right here in the USA in Chicago at the John Hancock Center; now known as a feature called “TILT!”. This is an attraction that features a 26 feet wide glass and steel enclosed platform that sits on the 94th floor. It tilts out 30 degrees. Visitors will stand on the platform and grab onto handrails on each side while experiencing a downward view of Chicago. This thrill features heavy triple laminated glass.

Other exhibits that seem worth the thrill (that is up to you to decide) can be found in Hunan Province, China, Alberta, Canada, and there is also the Grand Canyon Skywalk located in Arizona; although not featured, we think is definitely worth the thrill.


Source: Glass Magazine




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