Tips for Choosing the Right Commercial Storefront Doors and Window Glass

Making sure that your company maintains a friendly and eye-appealing front entrance can attract additional foot traffic and sales for your retail stores. The right commercial storefront doors can make a big impact on those who pass by and on regular customers to your store. Here are some of the most important points to consider when choosing storefront glass and doors in our area. 

What Type of Materials Are Best for Your Storefront?

You can choose from a number of different materials and configurations for your commercial storefront doors and windows: 

• Aluminum-framed glass doors are available in ADA-compliant sizes and can be designed to meet your precise needs. These entrance options are available in single or double-door configurations. 
• Revolving doors can provide access control and added elegance for retail storefronts. These options can be significantly more expensive than other commercial doors. 
• Sliding and folding doors require added expertise in their construction. These commercial storefront doors are best for areas with limited space. 
• Fire-rated doors contain glass that can stand up to smoke and fire for an extended period of time. These doors are typically designed with heavy-duty glass and steel to increase durability and ensure the best performance as barriers to flames, fire and smoke. 

Each of these configuration choices can have a significant impact on the appearance of your retail store and the impression it makes on your current and potential customers. 

What Type of Security Do You Need?

Upgrading your storefront glass to a stronger, more protective type can prevent intruders from getting through this first line of defense for your retail locations. Plexiglass and acrylic materials can stand up to most moderate impacts without breaking or cracking, making them a solid choice for commercial storefront doors and windows. Finally, bulletproof glass offers even greater safety at a premium price. 

Is Energy Efficiency a Priority for Your Company?

ENERGY STAR rates residential and commercial glass according to performance and energy efficiency. If you are looking to reduce the cost of your heating and cooling bills, upgrading to high-efficiency options can have a real impact on the amount you pay for these essential utilities. This can reduce the cost of your operations to boost overall profitability for your company in the competitive marketplace. 

At Bravura Glass & Mirror Corp., we specialize in providing New York area businesses with the commercial storefront doors and glass options to showcase their products and services to best advantage. We work with companies large and small to create the perfect first impression for their retail locations at the most affordable prices possible. Call us today at 212-996-9606 to discuss your needs with our experienced glass technicians. Our team will be happy to design a solution just right for your company’s needs.

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