Upgrading to Frameless Shower Doors and Enclosures for Your New York Home

Frameless shower enclosures and doors can create a brand-new look for your bathroom. These luxury installations can eliminate hardware that could break up clean lines and clear visibility. Frameless showers are an outstanding addition to your home and can even improve its value at the time of resale. Here are some helpful strategies for converting your current tub and shower to incorporate frameless doors or enclosures. 

Work With a Professional
While some home improvement projects can be accomplished by an experienced do-it-yourselfer, installing frameless shower doors and enclosures typically requires a high degree of experience and expertise. Working with a company that specializes in these types of remodeling projects can ensure the best possible results and the highest quality for your finished frameless shower installation. 

Update Your Hardware
If you are planning to upgrade to frameless shower doors, it may be time to update the fixtures and other elements in your bathroom. Choosing new faucets, shower heads and other fixtures can provide you with a more elegant and enjoyable experience in your newly remodeled shower and bathroom. This can also help you to create the most cohesive décor throughout your bath area and the rest of your home. 

Consider a Fully Enclosed Shower
Whether you are removing your current tub or adding frameless shower doors to your existing tub, opting for shower enclosures that go all the way to the ceiling can create a small steam room that can enhance the experience for you and your family members. By opting for floor-to-ceiling or tub-to-ceiling shower doors and enclosures, you can make the most of your time in this room of your home. 

Upgrade Your Tiles
Especially if you opt for a fully enclosed shower, upgrading and changing your tiles and backsplashes can enhance the appearance of your bathroom and can ensure the greatest functionality and longevity. The company you choose to install your new frameless shower doors can provide you with recommendations on the right types of tiles to install inside your new shower and the most practical options for your budget and your aesthetic requirements. 

Enhance Your Lighting
Your remodeling project is the perfect opportunity to replace aging light fixtures with modern lighting options to showcase your new frameless shower. Updating your lights can improve visibility in your bathroom while highlighting your interior décor to best advantage. 

Think About the Whole Effect
Envisioning the finished product before signing on the bottom line can help you avoid mistakes in décor or lighting. Your local shower glass design company can provide you with helpful hints on the right solutions for your available space and your shower configuration. 

Bravura Glass and Mirror can help you design the frameless shower enclosure or frameless shower doors just right for your home. Our skilled glass technicians can evaluate your current bathroom setup and make the most practical recommendations for your space and your budget. Call us today at 212-996-9606 or 718-951-3610 to schedule a consultation with our team. We look forward to the chance to serve you.

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