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Seven Key Questions to Ask Your Commercial Glass Contractor

If you are planning a renovation or update for your commercial glass, knowing the right questions to ask can help you to make the best decisions for your business. These seven questions are a good start toward determining if a particular commercial glass contracting company is the right fit for your project and your needs.

Does Your Company Carry Insurance?

Any contractor your company chooses for its projects should maintain comprehensive liability and workers’ compensation insurance on its employees. If they do not do so and someone is injured while working on your premises, your company could be left on the hook for significant medical bills and other expenses.

Are You Licensed?

Making sure that your commercial glass contractor has the appropriate licenses and certifications will provide you with added confidence about the quality of work they will perform on your behalf. Do not confuse a business license with a certification or license to install or repair glass. A business license may be required for tax purposes. It does not, however, represent any assurance that the technicians of a particular company are qualified for their jobs.

How Long Have You Been Doing Business?

Working with an established glass contractor can help you feel much more confident about the stability of the business. It can also serve as a guarantee of sorts that the company will be around to resolve any issues and to complete your project in a timely way. This question can help you to avoid issues with companies that have only recently been established and those that may not have a proven reputation for quality work in your area.

Do You Offer Warranties?

Warranties provide protections for customers of glass contracting companies. If something goes wrong with your project during or after the installation or repair, your warranty can hold the contractor accountable for any mistakes or issues that arise within the first year or so. This can allow you to enjoy greater peace of mind about your commercial glass installation or repair project.

What Is Your Proposed Schedule?

Determining whether the availability of your contractor coincides with your own plan for installation or repairs is a critical element of your project. Asking about the proposed schedule for completion of your glass installation can help you to avoid disappointment or frustration during the installation or repair process.

Do You Have References?

References from satisfied customers can provide you with a clearer picture of what you can expect from your glass contractor. Make sure to check on commercial references to make sure that your chosen contractor has plenty of experience in this type of specialty glass repair and replacement.

Do You Provide Itemized Estimates?

Itemized estimates are an excellent way to determine whether a particular project and contractor will fit into your budget. Requesting an itemized estimate can also help you to determine if the commercial glass contractor has the experience you require for your upcoming glass repair or installation.

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