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Bravura Glass Offers Frosted Glass Solutions for New York Companies

Creating an elegant look for your office can help your company to make the best possible impression on clients and guests to your premises. Frosted glass installations are a great way to enhance the appearance of your interior areas and to promote a more productive environment for members of your staff. Here are four key reasons to consider frosted or patterned glass for your commercial spaces.

Aesthetic Appearance

Frosted, etched and patterned glass enclosures, screens and partitions are aesthetically pleasing and can be customized to suit the needs of your commercial enterprise. Frosted glass can create more appealing interior spaces for your staff and your clients. By integrating these materials into your overall interior décor, your company can promote a much more upscale image that can result in increased sales and a boost to your corporate reputation in the consumer and business marketplace.

Improved Natural Lighting

Using glass instead of opaque materials can allow more natural light to shine into work areas and public spaces. This can significantly improve the appearance of your office and may even increase employee morale and visual appeal for customers and clients. Frosted glass combines the benefits of increased light with added privacy for staff members to promote the best of both worlds in your corporate workspaces. In some cases, glass installations can even reduce your need for artificial light, which could produce benefits for your staff members and reductions in your overhead costs for lighting.

Increased Versatility

Traditional cubicle installations can be difficult to set up and to take down because of their weight. Glass partitions are typically much easier to put in place and to move as your business requirements change. By opting for frosted glass screens and separators, your company can take some of the hard physical labor out of redesigning your workspaces and providing adequate facilities for guests, customers and staff members.

Easy Care

Unlike most other partition materials, glass can easily be cleaned using a soft cloth and commercially available cleaning products. This can reduce the need to replace these partitions because of dirt or normal wear and tear. Properly maintained, your frosted glass installations can stay clean and beautiful to create an elegant appearance for your office for many years into the future.

Why Choose Bravura Glass?

At Bravura Glass, our technicians have the experience and the expertise needed to provide glass services for New York commercial installations. Our services include installation, replacement and repair for a wide range of glass products that include tabletops, partitions, window glass and storefronts. We work with your company to provide customized services that suit your needs and your budget to help you create the most practical and attractive workspaces in your facilities.

To learn more about Bravura Glass or to request a quote for your project, give us a call today at 718-951-3610. Our team of dedicated and experienced glass technicians will be happy to work with you to create the workspaces and showplace your company needs to achieve a higher degree of success.