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Four Key Reasons to Consider Heavy Glass Shower Enclosures and Doors

Your shower doors can have a real impact on the appearance of your bathroom and on its functionality. If you are considering an upgrade or a replacement for your current shower doors, heavy glass shower doors are an excellent choice for updating the look of your bathroom and creating the illusion of added space. These shower doors can improve the appearance of your bath while increasing the appeal and the overall value of your home. Here are four important reasons to consider upgrading to heavy glass shower doors this year.

Heavy Glass Shower Doors Require No Frames

Frames on your shower enclosure can shrink the apparent space inside your bath to reduce its comfort and appeal. By contrast, frameless shower doors create an open and spacious look for your bathroom. Heavy glass is necessary to provide adequate structural support for these modern enclosures. By updating your home to include frameless shower enclosures and doors, you can enjoy the benefits of these advanced options both aesthetically and in the overall worth of your home.

Frameless Showers Streamline the Look of Your Home

Eliminating the metallic frames and much of the hardware associated with shower enclosures and doors can leave your bathroom looking much sleeker and cleaner. This can complement the décor of your home in New York City and can provide you with a more serene and attractive backdrop in your bathroom areas. This can, in turn, translate into a more relaxing and appealing experience for you and your family members after you install heavy glass shower enclosures or doors.

Frameless Heavy Glass Shower Doors Are Easier to Maintain

Because the need for most hardware is eliminated by the use of heavy glass to fabricate your shower doors and enclosures, cleaning these surfaces is much easier and faster. You can use a single glass cleaning solution to cover nearly all areas of your shower doors, which can significantly cut down on the amount of cleaning time you must spend in your bath after your renovation.

Frameless Showers Offer the Illusion of Increased Space

You may not be able to remodel your home to expand your bathroom space. The clear glass shower enclosures made possible by the use of heavy glass, however, can create the appearance of increased space inside your bathroom. Working with a qualified and knowledgeable shower door company can help you to choose the best solutions for your shower doors and enclosures to create the appearance of added space for your bathroom.

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