About Us

It all started in a little town called Balta in Eastern Europe, where I would put glass on the back of my scooter and drove and shouted “glass, glass, glass for windows.” The people would hear my shouts and give me work. The majority of the people living in the town or the neighboring town was poverty-stricken, and had no extra money to spend on glass. What was more, to make matters worse was the fact that most men were able to replace the glass themselves, requiring only the piece of glass to do it. I then realized that the only way to sell my glass would be to sell it with free installation.

I decided to move to a bigger town called Odessa, in another part of Ukraine. The people there were different from the ones in Balta. They wanted something extraordinary, something astonishing, something that would impress their neighbors, and more importantly, they had wanted it long before I ever came there.

During the twenty-seven years that I worked in Odessa, I established for myself a good life and a good business. The clients that I serviced were always happy with my work and gave me referrals. I became known as “Tuse” which translated to “Ace” in English. Life for me was good in Odessa, but one thing bothered me, I did not want my children growing up and having to struggle through life as I once had. So in 1992, my family and I migrated to the United States.

I was able to find work for myself right away in the Glass and Mirror industry having had so much experience back in Ukraine. I knew what people wanted: great quality, good prices, and above all, great service. With that knowledge, I knew that I would always be able to keep running my business.

Many customers call and declare that their walls or tiles were installed perfectly, that everything is leveled, and that they love the job that was done for them. However, from our experience, that is only true on rare occasions. At Bravura Glass we don’t just run a measuring tape up and down an opening, we use laser-level precision that ensures that our glass or mirror takes the contour of your opening.

This company was built on the knowledge of great quality, good prices, and great service. These are the three main ingredients for any prospering business. We use them as our recipe for work that customers can describe as “above and beyond.” We promise that our job will not only leave you happy, but will leave us in your memory for future jobs to come.