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Irina M.

Automatic Tinted Windows

Glass never ceases to amaze and innovate and that is something we can definitely appreciate. Besides our own work, we wanted to bring recognition to a company doing incredible and cost effective things for a new glass office building in West Philadelphia. Click on the link below to view the details!   This glass building’s …

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Glass Glossary Terms- E

Process Edge Polished– finishing process used to polish edges of glass. Edgework– similar to edge polishing but also for abrading or scraping the edge of glazed glass. Engraved/Engraving– the process using for cutting a design onto annealed glass. Etching– cutting into float glass to create a smooth and satin like appearance. Embossed– raised or lowered …

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Extreme Glass

Protective glazing technology is something we should be in complete awe of…and we are. Glass Magazine illustrates, in its latest article how protective glazing is actually being used on glass in extreme designs all over the world. It is all about being extra large, extra clear, and using as little framing as possible. You see …

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Glass Railing- Top Of The Stairs

It’s all about glass railings today…the more seamless, the better. Bravura is designing, installing, repairing, and maintaining your glass railings in your home or business. The glass railing gives a perfect seamless look no matter the length of your staircase. We have the option to use tinted glass, Starphire glass, or sandblasted glass. Other options …

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Glass Glossary Terms- D

Process Diamond Tool– cutting tool that contains grains of diamonds fixed on the parts of the tool. This is one of the most effective tools because of the sturdy compound of diamonds. Diamond Wheels– grinding wheel for hard materials. This tool uses diamond dust as the abrasive and is good for milling, sawing, drilling, edging, …

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Glass Glossary- C

Process Carving– using hand held tools to remove glass from a surface to create a decorative or distinct pattern. Coating– a specific type of covering that the changes the composition of a piece of glass. Cavity– space that is filled with air caused by a spacer between two panes of glass. Cutting– the process that …

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Glass Glossary- B

Glass Process Bevel– decorative form that is made around the glass edge. Forms a sloping surface or edge. Beveling– The process of producing the beveled/sloped edge. Bending– a heating process to produce bent glass. Bent Glass– glass that is curved for decorative purposed (often used in unique architecture) Blobbing– decorating hot glass with different colors. …

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Sneak Peek of the Glossary- H

This is all about the heating process of your glass. Have all the information at your fingertips especially when we can’t seem to avoid the snow and ice this season! Process Hydrofluoric Acid- corrosive solution of the liquid hydrogen fluoride in water. This solution can dissolve glass.   Type of Glass Heat Resistant Glass- this …

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Accent Mirrors Part 3

We’ve discussed and shown off some accent glass pieces that we have worked on around the Brooklyn area and now we want to focus on just another lobby lounge that cannot be ignored. 225 North 9th Street in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY is a smaller residential lobby that is part of a larger property. Smaller is …

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