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Custom Mirrored Centerpieces

Customization is the key to any successful space. You want your building, lobby, home, office, or any location to stand out amongst the rest and you never want it to be compared because of similarities in design. Our Bravura team takes the time to focus on the finest details of any project and make them …

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Glass Railings

Our specialty revolves around glass of all sorts but one of our favorites happens to be something that works in large spaces, small spaces, offices, homes, lobbies, hallways, and anywhere else you can imagine. The glass railing is a sophisticated piece that adds modernism no matter what theme you have going on. Glass allows light …

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Table Top @ 220 North 10th

When we promise precision and custom cut, we mean it. We have the latest and newest equipment to cut your glass to the perfect finish making it a piece that is unique to the space. One project we would love to share with our audience is a building that we recently completed at 220 North …

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The gym can be a place where you go to get away from the busy life that is New York City. Outside the walls of your gym is crowding, traffic, work, your boss, and all other stress that can arise; that is why we have created a gym so serene and beautiful that it will …

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Starphire Glass

When it comes to the ultimate in service, Bravura is definitely there and available. We are customizing, delivering, and installing everything you need when it comes to glass but now we wanted to emphasize on something we’ve been improving; the glass table top. This is one of the most versatile and most unique aspects of …

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Mirrored Walls

We service many various clients and have a broad range of jobs and projects that we take on but one particular type of job we enjoy is mirror installation. Mirrors are essential to any room, home, studio, or office. They add definition to the space, light, and can make any room appear a little larger. …

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Glass Type- Part 2

So we covered some of the glass we have the ability and expertise to work with and repair; now we want to introduce you, in detail, to the aesthetic properties of glass and what we offer to our clients. Glass is a beautiful thing that gives any space a seamless and flawless finish. It allows …

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