Broken Hurculite Door

The herculite door is a glass frameless hi profile door that is found in most lobbies, mall entrances, storefronts, offices, gyms, and many more business or residential locations. The doors are beautifully assembled to give a memorable visual aesthetic for patrons who pass through them but they do require regular service and repair. These doors are operating though much of the day due to foot traffic and issues like broken hinges, seals, and weather stripping can cause them to lose functionality.

Bravura is here is provide materials and repair service as soon as you need it because without these sturdy herculite doors, getting patrons through your door would be a difficult task. Calling early in the day will give you the chance for same day repair while we also provide emergency repair services for those unpredictable hours when anything can happen.

Shattered glass broken glass seen from closeup

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