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NY SportsMed

Bravura Glass & Mirror Corp. serves the tri-state area helping businesses bring ideas to life through glass design, office space, mirrors, and more. We do custom work that will make one business stand out from the rest. We frequently do work for in various sports facilities, one of which was a brand new NY Sports Med.

This organization has been open for over seven years and it has been serving the New York community with physical therapists and trainers to aid athletes in the improvement of their sport. The facility is for athletes of all ages and ability as their one-stop location for everything sports medicine related. At NY SportsMed, clients are taught to know their body and to reach their full athletic ability using tools like the AlterG Anti-Gravity Treadmill and OptoGait Advanced Gait Analysis. There is also a Fully Integrated Total Training center (FITT) and a brand new exclusive recovery program.

Bravura Glass was part of the Union Square location to help create a beautiful space. We created contemporary privacy glass for the meeting rooms and seamless entrance doors. View our project below.