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Glass Type- Part 3

Knowledge is power so we wanted to continue with our list of glass types when it comes to your windows, doors, store fronts, table tops, showers, or any number of glass items. Today’s blog is all about the finish of your glass and the difference between two specific types. The finish can make all the difference in how long your glass with last and the safety surrounding it due to any unfortunate occurrences.

One type of glass finish is called clear annealed glass. This is sort of like the base product of all glass and it is typically used in end products or in double-glazed windows. It is the starting material for the production of laminated glass, toughening glass, coating, and others. This is the type of glass that tends to break into large, jagged shards; such as your basic mirror. Annealing is critical to the durability of any glass products because without this process, the piece of glass cannot be cut to size or shape, it cannot be drilled, and it cannot be polished, buffed, antiqued, or any number of other processes.

Another glass finish, and quiet possibly the most common one is tempered safety glass. This is the type of glass that is more resistant to breaking. When or if this type of glass does break, it breaks into relatively small particles causing less injury and damage. This glass begins as your typical annealed glass as we mentioned above and is then processed by controlling thermal or chemical treatments to increase the strength. This tempering process adds tension to the inner surface of the glass so that way it will crumble when broken. Because this glass is the safest option it is used in cars, home windows, shower doors, storefronts, tables, refrigerator trays, as a component in bullet proof glass, among many others.

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