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Antique Style

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The trend of antiquing has been mentioned and we have even shown you examples of the different types. Now it’s popping up in our projects and we are able to reveal the complete design up close and personal. The antique mirrors and pieces give a certain rustic charm that plays really well with the modern elements in these buildings. Being surrounded by high end appliances and a shiny new interior do not at all take away from effect of the antique mirror you will see or the antique coffee table.

Both mirror and coffee table in these two projects are light cloudy antique mirrors as we have showcased in our “Art of Antiquing” blog. The mirror is found in a Williamsburg complex at 146 South 4th Street. It is in the lobby lounge of the building that is surrounded by modern elements such as glass and steel light fixtures and a glass coffee bar while it is displayed on genuine brick wall. The antique mirrored coffee tables are the introductory focal point when you walk in the lobby of The Driggs in Williamsburg at 205 North 9th.They stand right across from the front desk and include triangular cut outs of antique mirrors. Each mirror is placed together to create a 3 dimensional prism/diamond effect that reflects both the natural and interior light of the lobby.

View detailed photos below and contact us for your custom antique needs. We can customize any mirrored surface with whatever antique vibe your space is looking for. or call at 718-951-3610.

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