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Shower at The Driggs

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At 205 North 9th Street you will find The Driggs in Williamsburg. It is a brand new condo complex that features modern and rustic elements all throughout the space. Bravura Glass was hired to custom cut and install all the glass pieces in the lobby and the apartment units. Here we feature the showers from some of these units that we had installed. There are two variations on the glass shower in these units. One is a standard tub with a straight in-line glass swinging door. The second variation is a walk in shower with the same straight in-line glass swinging door design. Both bathrooms and showers fit into the modern interior of the building and the unit.

If any of these designs interest you, please call us for more information and free estimates. We do everything from the measurements, custom cutting, installation, clean up, and maintenance and repair! Call us at our office 718-951-3610







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