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Sneak Peek of our A-Z Glass Glossary- A

We are working hard on building up and upgrading the website to bring you all the information you need so it is right at your fingertips!

Here is a sneak peek of the very beginning of our project with the first terms you will eventually see! We hope you enjoy it….



Glass Process

Abrasion- an area that is damaged due to scraping or wearing away. This is when areas look unpolished or unfinished.

Acid Etching- process in which to decorate glass. This uses strong acid chemicals to give glass a smooth and almost satin like appearance.

Acid Polishing- this process makes a glossy, polished surface using an acid solution.

Acid Stamping- same process as acid etching but with a trademark or signature.

Annealing Range- limit of the temperature at which the glass may be annealed (see annealed glass)

Type of Glass

Annealed Glass- In this process, hot glass is slowly cooled to relieve internal stresses. This helps the glass to be further cut and manipulated after it has been manufactured.

Antique Glass- A decorated glass or mirrored piece in which the style is “old” or antique looking. This is achieved with oxidation by either adding chemicals, stripping the paint, or applying aluminum leaf to the glass.

Anti-reflective glass- Also known as AR coating; this is what allows glass to shield light. This provides a low percentage of light to pass through so that viewing is the most optimum.

Armor Plate Glass- Also known as bullet-resisting glass; this is when four or more sheets of glass is stacked with layers of a transparent plastic resin. They are then bonded under heat and pressure.

Alarm Glass- laminated safety glass in which a thin wire is embedded and placed in between two or more sheets of glass.

Alabaster Glass- translucent white glass.

Glass Care

Auto Glass Cleanse- cleanser for tough exterior applications on glass.