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Why You Should Consider Glass Railings for Your Balcony or Deck

Glass railings are an excellent choice for your deck or balcony. These elegant railing options offer some real advantages for your commercial or residential property. Here are five of the most important advantages of choosing glass railings for your balcony or deck.

Added Versatility

Glass is available in a wide range of configurations to suit just about any décor scheme. This makes it simple to create a cohesive look and feel for your entire home or commercial space. Your glass railings can be designed to provide a translucent, opaque or transparent appearance to allow you to put your own unique stamp on these outdoor areas.

Superior Durability

Depending on your preferences, your glass railings will usually be at least one-quarter inch thick. This represents a durable and practical barrier for keeping people and pets on the right side of these railings. Your new railing will be designed and constructed to stand up to impacts and to provide years of useful service for your commercial or residential property. This can help you to achieve the

Increased Safety

Traditional railings made of wood or metal usually have spaces or gaps that can allow objects or pets to fall through them. By contrast, your new glass railing will provide a solid barrier that will prevent these mishaps and will provide you with an added sense of security when enjoying your deck or balcony. Your glass railings can even be added to deck stairways to promote the safest access to the great outdoors for children and pets.

Crystal Clear Views

Glass railings do not block the view in the same way that other types of railings do. This can allow you to enjoy greater visibility from your deck or balcony, which can enhance your home or business security. Your clear glass railings can provide you with a panoramic view of your outdoor greenery and landscaping, which can make your deck or balcony a much more pleasant to spend time.

Added Visual Appeal

The beauty of glass is unmatched by other railing materials. Glass reflects the light and provides an elegant backdrop for entertaining, relaxing and other activities for you, your family and your guests. These railing options can create a modern look for outdoor spaces and can even increase the value of your property at the time of resale. By investing in glass railings for your property, you can increase its appeal to ensure a solid return on your initial costs and to enhance your enjoyment of your outdoor areas.

At Bravura Glass, we are proud to offer glass railing options that work for our residential and commercial customers in the New York area. We also offer repairs and installations for mirrors, tabletops, glass partitions and storefronts for commercial buildings. Our team of glass technicians can create customized solutions that work for your deck, balcony or stair railing requirements. Give us a call today at 718-951-3610 to request a quote or to get more information on our glass services. At Bravura Glass, we are here to serve you.

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