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220 North 10th Street

Durukan Design 1

Durukan Design 2In our huge growing city, Williamsburg, Brooklyn seems to be on the fast track to building and growing a community everyone would be proud to live in. A really great community consists of a solid residential space. One space we were honored to work on is at 220 North 10th Street. Durukan Design called us in to be part of this project. We began with the heart of this residence; the lobby. This interior design firm specializes in residential and hospitality interiors and are known for their warm designs with an elegant and modern twist. Everything they incorporate is functional with a beautiful minimalistic design concept. When they design, every single inch of the space is carefully examined and then transformed. Bravura Glass was honored to be called in by this interior designer to help them create the space that they visualized and bring it to life. All the material we got to use and every piece we created was a new and gratifying experience.

The lobby of this particular residential building is part of a 7- story project that will consist of approximately 64 apartment units. The lobby, which introduces all the residents to this building, was built around the notion of a water droplet. All the elements in the lobby from the floor pattern, to the wood paneling, waterfall wall, bamboo garden, and glass paneling create a rustic yet modern space. You can also find a recreation space with group table, vintage furniture, and a gym area.


Interior 1

Interior 2


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