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Glass Glossary- C

Process Carving– using hand held tools to remove glass from a surface to create a decorative or distinct pattern. Coating– a specific type of covering that the changes the composition of a piece of glass. Cavity– space that is filled with air caused by a spacer between two panes of glass. Cutting– the process that …

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Mirrored Walls

We service many various clients and have a broad range of jobs and projects that we take on but one particular type of job we enjoy is mirror installation. Mirrors are essential to any room, home, studio, or office. They add definition to the space, light, and can make any room appear a little larger. …

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Universal Service

While servicing all projects around the tri-state area both residential and small businesses, we also want to highlight and mention that Bravura Glass is universal and has the ability to create glass and mirrored masterpieces for any occasion. We are built on the foundation of creating amazing relationships with everyone and anyone we meet; from interior designers …

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