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Accent Mirrors Part 3

We’ve discussed and shown off some accent glass pieces that we have worked on around the Brooklyn area and now we want to focus on just another lobby lounge that cannot be ignored. 225 North 9th Street in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY is a smaller residential lobby that is part of a larger property. Smaller is …

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The Garnett Shower

Another week, another shower profile from one of our beautiful properties in Williamsburg, Brooklyn NY. This one is coming to us from 146 South 4th Street in a building named The Garnett. This building features very unique elements from the second you walk in and proceeding to each unit; the sample shower we show you …

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Accent Mirrors Part 2

As we mentioned in a previous blog, accent mirrors are widely used and highly requested. They just provide a certain touch to the space that no other piece can mimic. Another location where we installed custom mirrored pieces is also in Williamsburg, Brooklyn at The Driggs at 205 North 9th Street. One set of mirrors …

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Shower at The Driggs

At 205 North 9th Street you will find The Driggs in Williamsburg. It is a brand new condo complex that features modern and rustic elements all throughout the space. Bravura Glass was hired to custom cut and install all the glass pieces in the lobby and the apartment units. Here we feature the showers from …

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Accent Mirrors

Mirrors are an amazing tool to increase space and add more light to any room. They especially work in smaller or narrower spaces. In the case of one Williamsburg building at 146 South 4th Street, the designers wanted a few accent mirrors in the more narrow hallways. These are the hallways that introduce tenants and …

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Exterior- 220 N. 10th St.

The glass on the outside needs to always reflect the style on the inside; it needs to give an alluring introduction from first glance because realistically, we are always judging the book by its cover. At Bravura, it is our mission to create and install glass pieces that reflect the interior, the neighborhood, and something …

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Glass Front Desk

When you walk into a building lobby, the first thing you may notice is the foyer, the second thing and the piece that will leave an impression is the front desk. For many of the residential buildings that Bravura has had the pleasure of working on; they include front desks that introduce patrons and residents …

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Custom Mirrored Centerpieces

Customization is the key to any successful space. You want your building, lobby, home, office, or any location to stand out amongst the rest and you never want it to be compared because of similarities in design. Our Bravura team takes the time to focus on the finest details of any project and make them …

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Glass Railings

Our specialty revolves around glass of all sorts but one of our favorites happens to be something that works in large spaces, small spaces, offices, homes, lobbies, hallways, and anywhere else you can imagine. The glass railing is a sophisticated piece that adds modernism no matter what theme you have going on. Glass allows light …

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Antique Style

The trend of antiquing has been mentioned and we have even shown you examples of the different types. Now it’s popping up in our projects and we are able to reveal the complete design up close and personal. The antique mirrors and pieces give a certain rustic charm that plays really well with the modern …

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